A series of layered n-ABO3-doped Aurivillius structures Bi4Ti3O12 (BTO) thin films are
synthesized on (001) SrTiO3 (STO) substrates by pulsed laser deposition, where n represents the
number of ABO3 perovskite. X-ray diffraction substantiates that these films have expected layered
Aurivillius structures. Furthermore, the microstructure of these samples is “systematically”
characterized by transmission electron microscopy. It is found that the structure of n-STO-doped
BTO becomes unstable when n is equal to 3, as revealed by the occurrence of intergrowth.
Similar phenomenon is observed in n-LaFeO3-doped BTO; the layered Aurivillius structure is
totally collapsed in the case of n as high as 2.5. In contrast, 3-BiFeO3-doped BTO still keeps perfect
Aurivillius structure. The above-observed structural stabilities of these materials are explained by the
theoretical formation enthalpy calculated by the density functional theory. This work provides the
necessary information to explore the multifunctionality based on Aurivillius n-ABO3–BTO oxides.


This paper is published on J. Mater. Res..

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31 Oct, 2012