Prof. Ozaki of JAIST have been invited to Nanjing University by Dr. Jian Zhou, and given some intensive lectures on advanced computational materials science from 17 to 24, Aug, 2012.

Prof. Ozaki is the main developer of the famous ab initio code OpenMX, and the expert of computational materials science. The contents of the lectures are listed below:

  1. Introduction to computational materials science
  2. Reviewal of electronic structures of matters
  3. Foundation of DFT
  4. First principles electronic structure calculation
  5. DFT calculations for molecules and bulks
  6. First-principle molecular dynamics
  7. Large-scale electronic structure methods
  8. Electronic transport calculations
  9. Relativistic effect and non-collinear DFT

About fifty students and faculties at Nanjing University and several faculties from other Universities attended the lectures. The lectures last about 18 hours in total.

Thanks for the graduate school of Nanjing University for the financial support.




Sept. 2012.